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Art & Design

An art and design degree can encompass a wide range of areas by appealing to many creative and technologically inclined students. An online art and design degree is ideal for the student who must split time between personal and professional obligations.



Despite the recent unhappy economic times, getting a degree in business is still a wise and pragmatic decision. In fact, training for a career in business may be one of the best educational bets you can make.


Law & Criminal Justice

A career in law and criminal justice can encompass many things. By pursuing an online law and criminal justice degree, you are assured of having a great variety of potential careers to follow.



An online culinary degree can prepare you for an exciting career in the food service industry and open up access to many positions in this highly competitive field. With an online culinary degree you will qualify for a career as an executive chef, sous chef, restaurant manager, pastry chef, baker, food and beverage director and more.



An online Education degree is usually thought to prepare you to be a teacher or an administrator; however, for Education degree holders, there are many more opportunities. In fact, an Education degree is one of the most versatile degrees you can obtain.



Engineers essentially bridge the gap between ideas and reality. We wholly rely on engineers to design and construct structures that have to withstand time and the elements. Engineers ensure bridges, buildings, automobiles, airplanes, highways, and so on, function safely and effectively so that we can go about our lives normally.



Health care is by far one of the fastest growing industries out there. Encompassing a nearly countless array of subjects and fields, there are so many degrees to choose from that perhaps the hardest part of earning your health care degree is deciding which one to get.


Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is always growth-centered so itís unsurprising that opportunities are expected to remain robust worldwide. Career options abound wherever there is a source of travelers and diners. Moreover, countries experiencing rapid growth such as China and India are going to continue to attract countless potential customers to hotels, restaurants, resorts, and more.


Human Services

A career in human services means you bridge many different aspects of human society. Human services can be applied to careers in counseling, public health, social work, and more. People who pursue careers in the human services typically exhibit compassion and an eager willingness to help others. An online human services degree is an excellent way to hone oneís knowledge and abilities, making them more valuable to the human services field.


Liberal Arts / Humanities

Degrees in humanities and liberal arts encompass one of the most extensive and comprehensive areas of subjects. They cover so many subjects, listing them here would take up many pages. Degrees specializing in classical studies, language, visual and performing arts, philosophy and many others are widely available as online offerings.



Of all careers, nursing remains one which always experiences steady demand for qualified individuals to fill in the ranks. Nursing can vary across a wide array of careers in a variety of settings including busy hospitals, health clinics, emergency and operating rooms, urgent care centers, and more.


Science & Math

Science and math careers are many and varied. If you have a powerful sense of curiosity; are drawn towards numbers and formulas; or have a naturally analytical mind, an online degree in science or math may be ideal.


Technology / IT

Any career in technology and IT is going to require constant attention to the ever-changing landscape of technology and its myriad of new development as well as improvements in existing technologies. Careers in technology and IT are as varied and evolving as those subjects on which they are based.


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