Employment Resources

There are a large number of employment resources available to you, many of which you can find while sitting at your own computer.

First of all, try going into Google and typing in the kind of job that you are looking to find. You will find a long list of possibilities will pop up. These will include specialised job listings sites, employment agencies, and specific companies looking for people with your skills as well as more general listings sites.

When responding to an advertisement from a website be sure that you are as careful in proofreading your email and ensure that your resume is attached. Try to make your covering email stand out from the crowd as at times thousands of people will be answering the same advertisement that you are.

If you have a degree from a University then consider trying the job listings service that are offered to alumni by career services. The majority of these listings will be offered by fellow alumni. The link of a common alma mater can sometimes open unexpected doors.

Another good means of looking for a job is to get out and network. Talk to people you know, go to events that are related to the field that you want to work in and tell everyone that you are looking for a job. The more you network the more likely you are to find a job that is a perfect fit.

Good, old fashion employment agencies or head hunters can also be a good way to find a new job. Make sure that when you go in to register with an employment agency that you bring all of the relevant information that you need with you. That should include an up-to-date resume, a list of people (both professional and personal) who are willing to recommend you, any academic qualifications you have and a portfolio if it is relevant to what you do.

No matter which employment resources you choose to use just remember that following up is the key to success. Set a good timeline for follow up, too much follow up can be just as damaging as not enough.

Good luck in your search.

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