Following applications the next step in the selection process for any potential employee is the job interview. This is the opportunity for the candidate to prove to the employer that they are the right person for the job. Interviews require good preparation of your appearance, punctuality, and way you speak and use body language, as well as a good knowledge of the industry, the company and yourself. Preparation also entails practicing interviews (use family friends, college tutors or even a video camera). Think about the questions that might be asked and prepare answers that are true to you. In an interview remember to speak clearly and at an appropriate pace, and try to build a rapport with the interviewer.

There are a few different types of interview that might be used. Different companies use one or more of them in the selection process. The screening interview is usually undertaken by someone from HR and may be via the telephone. Selection interviews can be with a single person or with a panel of people and can last from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the complexities of the job. Interviewers will often takes notes of answers to questions. Sometimes the interviewer will use stress techniques such as asking questions very quickly or asking something totally unrelated to the job, in order to see how candidates cope with the situation. Interviews with a group of candidates aim to find the leaders and followers and for these interviews it is best to just act normally for you.

Towards the end of an interview the interviewer will ask if you have any questions. Have some prepared in advance. You might want to ask about the working environment, how the day is structured or any projects that coming up. Never ask about benefits, salary or vacations as these are about what the company will do for you and not about what you will do for the company. If you are asked about salary have an idea of what is typical for the type of job applied for.

After the interview wait at least a week before calling. If the interviewer said it would take a certain length of time wait until after that before calling. If you are unsuccessful ask for some feedback as to why and use this in preparing for the next one.

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