Technology / IT Degrees
Technology / IT Degrees

Any career in technology and IT is going to require constant attention to the ever-changing landscape of technology and its myriad of new development as well as improvements in existing technologies. Careers in technology and IT are as varied and evolving as those subjects on which they are based.

Anyone thinking of a career in any technology-related field is going to have many choices. Careers as simple network and database administrators exists for those who simply want hands-on work with computer systems, while openings for tech support and help desk are always abundant for anyone just wanting to get a start in the area. As you move up, gaining further experience, skills, training and education, more and more advanced positions will open up in management and supervisory capacities.

Given an advanced degree, you can expect to be in position for openings in software programming, systems design, IT consultations, IT project management, and many others. The choice of what kind of degree you want and how far you go is essentially up to you.

Online Degree Choices

Online technology and IT degrees are available as associates, bachelors, masters, MBA, and even a few doctorates. While an associates degree is always good for placement in entry-level positions, employers typically seek people who hold four-year degrees in computer science, IT, and programming for more advanced, and higher paying, positions.

For those wishing to assume higher levels of responsibility in areas such as development and management, a masters or MBA is usually sought. Research and teaching roles are typically granted to doctorate holders.

Still, one of the best ways to advance your career in technology and IT is to seek any of the many online training certificates available. What you choose to certify in will depend entirely upon your career area but certifications exist for things such as networking, tech support, project management, security, and virtualization.

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